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Albany Senior Center volunteers are helping Vets do their taxes for free, by appointment.

Call 541-917-7760

Mon - Wed - Fri at the Senior Center

Tue - Sat at the Albany Library

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Get help doing your taxes.

7TH ANNUAL WILD WEST MODIFIED SHOOTOUT SPEEDWEEK - NIGHT 6  6/29/2017 at Willamette Speedway,  Lebanon, OR

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Please bring the following to your appointment...

​   Last year's tax form

   Photo ID

​   W-2 Form or 1099

Vets Helping Vets HQ is on a mission to raise $50,000 to help finance a modular building to serve as a permanent home for the organization

Testimonials Neededed



  • Former POW'S
  • Vietnam Veterans
  • Atomic Veterans
  • Gulf War Veterans

The Vets Helping Vets HQ "Patch, Hat, and T-Shirt Store".   Leather vests also available.

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​​​Our primary mission is to assist veterans navigate through hard times and obtain the earned benefits they deserve. We never turn a Veteran away who is willing to do their part in helping themselves. 

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VHVHQ is a non-profit organization with a 501(c)3  

Send your Tax deductible donation today to:  

VHVHQ, PO Box 2690, Albany, OR  97321 or call 541-791-4357

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It's time to start saving up your receipts and turn them in to Vets Helping Vets HQ. When you shop at sponsored "Points for Profit" ​retailers and turn in those receipts to VHVHQ we receive a percentage of the gross amount that shoppers have spent shopping at the sponsored retailers.  Points for Profit publishes "High Points".

To contribute a donation to our cause visit

We are adding a page for testimonials. Please send us a letter if you have been helped by Vets Helping Vets HQ in the past.  Bring it in to the Bunker, mail it, or send email to

It is recommended to have your tax return direct deposited

into your bank account.  Have a valid secure address if you select to have a check mailed to you instead.

VHVHQ is sponsoring a 50/50 Raffle at this event.  We will need 15 Volunteers to sell the tickets.  Volunteers will receive free admission to the race and must be able to navigate the bleachers.  Contact Pat Bailey at Vets Helping Vets HQ if you would like to volunteer for this event.

Contact VHVHQ to book

The Wall of Honor to travel to your location


Personal Taxes Only

1776 Militia Way

Salem, OR 97309


Veterans Crisis Line

For the same price of a Latee' and less than a pack of cigarettes you can help us to be here to help our Veterans.

The DEERS office normally located at the Oregon National Guard Armory in Salem on 17th Street will be at a temporary location while their offices get remodeled.


Points for Profit

For more information go to the Wall of Honor page.

Form 1040 Federal Taxes

At the American Legion Post 10

Open Monday - Thursday

9 am to 3 pm

​​​​​Vets Helping Vets HQ

​​​​​​The Bunker is at
​The American Legion Post 10
1215 Pacific Blvd SE
Albany, OR 97321
​541-791-HELP (4357)